Michigan Moonlight Series


Pen & Ink Book Tours is organizing a Virtual Tour for May Williams’ Michigan Moonlight Series (Sweet Contemporary Romance). 

Animal Prints, Snow Prints, and Finger Prints.

The Tour will consist of Guest Features, Promo /Excerpt, Promo/Review or Promo ONLY Stops.

Media Kit, Book, Tour Banner, ARCs, and Cover will be distributed.



AnimalPrintsCoverAbout Animal Prints (Michigan Moonlight #1)

Photographer Ian Kroft’s dream is to finish his book on fellow veterans. When his father offers him the funds he needs in exchange for persuading a family to sell their farm, it sounds simple. Then Ian meets Colette and in a flash everything changes.

Cherry Ridge Farm is home to Colette’s family — and to her animal rescue center. The slim, gorgeous veterinarian has no intention of selling. Soon Ian’s chasing after her runaway dog and laughing at her jokes, and he knows that if he lets slip his real purpose, she’ll never forgive him. Ian’s torn between his book and his new romance…all while his father is clamoring for him to seal the deal.

Colette can trust a dog to come back when she calls, but a man? Colette’s been burned more than once. Then a sweet, athletic photographer pops into her life and makes her wonder if it’s time to picture a new future.


SnowPrints-CoverAbout Snow Prints (Michigan Moonlight #2)

With a successful career and his dream house under construction, the only thing missing from Adrien Peterson’s life is love. Since high school, Adrien’s heart has belonged to the irresistible Gracie Sinclair. If only he could make her see it…

Single mother Gracie has worked hard for everything she’s got. Between her son, her nursing job, and violin playing, she’s built a life that, if not a dream, is something she can be proud of. She’s had enough lovers and family walk out on her to know not to want more. But then Adrien moves next door while his house is being built, bringing with him a tempting charm she remembers all too well.

Adrien is determined to break down the walls around Gracie’s heart. When she reluctantly agrees to a six-week trial relationship, he has one shot to show her just what a dream love can be.



fingerprints-williams-ebook copyAbout Finger Prints (Michigan Moonlight #3)

Police detective Gabe Sinclair sees broken laws and broken lives every day. The last thing he needs is to add to the list is a broken heart. The law he’s made for himself is never let a relationship get serious—that’s how he got burned before. So when Gabe hears the word “love” he calls it off—even though the word is coming from the lovely Sylvia O’Shea.

Sylvia dedicates herself to running her organic farm and to her hot relationship with a darkly handsome detective. When her boyfriend runs off fast as a cop in pursuit and her past comes calling, Sylvia struggles to rebuild her future, still wondering about what might have been. Months later, an investigation brings Gabe to Syliva’s farm. He can’t resist her lure and offers a no-promises relationship. But no-commitment works both ways.

Will Gabe realize that some laws are made to be broken…before it’s too late?




AUGUST 17: Just Book Talk (promo/excerpt/review)

AUGUST 18: Queen of All She Reads (promo/excerpt)

AUGUST 19: Around the World in Books (author guest post)

AUGUST 20: Kim Talks Books (promo/excerpt)

AUGUST 21: mignon mykel : reviews (promo/review)

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